Project management and planning, Interface engineering design and Refurbishment of Power Systems and Substations

Archived Projects

Rhyl Flats 33/132kV Substation - Offshore Windfarm Connection. Full circuit design and interface engineering associated with the build of the new substation necessary to facilitate the connections of the Rhyl Flats Offshore Windfarm. An onshore substation comprising of a 33kV switchboard connecting a Grid Point of Connection with Scottish Power via 132/33kV Grid Transformer. Included in our scope of works was to review and amendment of suppliers designs to bring them into line with site interface requirements and UK standards. Interface engineering included fibre optic connection layouts and termination design between offshore turbines and onshore control systems and an overall I/O schedule was also produced. The turbines are controlled and monitored using an Integrated Substation Control System (ISCS) for which topology development, screen view, alarms, events, analogues, controls, automation functions, interlocking were overseen and managed on behalf of RWE Npower. Full factory and site acceptance witnessing and coordination was provided for the ISCS system.