Project management and planning, Interface engineering design and Refurbishment of Power Systems and Substations

Archived Projects

Fiddes 132/33kV Substation - 132/33kV Transformer Replacement. Full circuit design and interface engineering associated with GT1, GT2, 33kV switchboard replacement and protection upgrade. Isle of Bute 33/11kV Substation - 33/11kV Transformer Replacement. Full circuit design associated with replacement of 33/11kV transformers T1, T2, 11kV switchboard and protection upgrade. Bridge of Earn and MacAlpine Road 33/11kV Substations - 33/11kV Transformer Refurbishment At these sites full circuit design and interface engineering was provide associated with the transformer refurbishment, transformer protection, AVC and 11kV switchboards.Customer support at the panel manufacturer FAT. Various 275kV Substations - 275kV Feeder Protection. Engineering drawings associated with the second main protection replacement at various 275kV substations.To assist SSE full site survey and report were produced. 33kV Switchgear. Supply of generic design circuit diagrams for SSE 33kV switchgear to be used on the SSE framework contracts.