Project management and planning, Interface engineering design and Refurbishment of Power Systems and Substations

Archived Projects

Bathgate 132/25kV Substation - Network Rail Connection Full circuit design associated with new 132/25kV substation and Network Rail 25kV connections. This work also included modifications to existing 132kV protection and control systems to interface with the new 132/25kV transformers. Haggs Road 132/11kV and Govan 132/33kVSubstations - 132/11kV Transformer Replacements. Modification to existing circuit design and interface engineering associated with the replacement of Grid Transformers and 132kV disconnectors. Earlstoun 132/11kV Substation _ 132/11kVTransformer Replacement. Full circuit design and interface engineering associated with the replacement of Grid Transformer, 132kV disconnectors and new 33kV switchboard. Grangemouth 275/33kV and Devol Moor 132/33kV Substations - 33kV Switchboard Replacements. At these sites interface engineering of the new 33kV switchboards with existing protection schemes, which also included modification of circuit and interface designs to match intertripping and protection systems to the new equipments installed on the replacement 33kV switchboards. Various Primary 33/11kV Substations - 33/11kV AVC Schemes. Full circuit design associated with the supply of AVC panels to Scottish Power Standard designs. Bonnybridge 132kV Substation - 132kV Protection Scheme Modifications. The existing 132kV AIS switchgear is being replaced with 132kV GIS switchgear and also includes reconfiguration of circuits with replacement of protection and control schemes. Due to the changes at Bonnybridge it was necessary to provided modified circuit design and interface engineering for the remote end works at Cumbernauld, Bathgate, Drumcross, Devonside, Stirling, Westfield and Bainsford GSP Substations.