Project management and planning, Interface engineering design and Refurbishment of Power Systems and Substations

Recent Projects - Western Power Distribution

Rockingham DC Substation - 33/11kV Primary Substation. Full circuit design and interface engineering associated withthe new primary substation at Rockingham DC to provide electrical energy at 11kV to new local developments. Included in the design was the protection and control schemes for the new 33/11kV transformers and 11kV switchboards. Also included was the management of thepanel build. Black Lake 132/11kV Substation - 11kV Switchboard Replacements. Modification of circuit design and interface engineering associated to facilitate the replacement of three 11kVswitchboards and reconfiguration of the substation 11kV power cable connections.The designs had to be arrange to allow the changeover of the 11kV Incomers, Feeders and Bus Sections in a controlled staged programme to avoid disruptions to WPD Network,this included reconfiguration of LVAC and DC supplies to ensure decommissioned equipment at a later date can be removed without disruption to live equipment’s. Also undertaken in these designs was the replacement of obsolete transformer protection and AVC equipments with modern equivalents.